Our Portfolio

Blackwall Barn & Lodge

The Blackwall Barn & Lodge is the destination of choice for guests looking to host a memorable special occasion where their guests are pampered and appreciated. Whether meeting clients, friends or family in the Lodge or hosting a wedding, corporate event or retirement party in the Barn; our seasoned management team will ensure that every detail will surpass our members expectations and our patrons will leave feeling special and with a desire to return.

Blackwall Hitch

From the moment you enter Blackwall Hitch, you sense the attention to detail that has been harnessed to bring you and your companions a complete and satisfying dining experience. You sense the urban chic vibe with a connection to history, see and feel the attention to detail with comfortable, creative spaces for gatherings, smell the salty and savory aromas wafting from the oyster bar and dining area, and hear the bustle and music in the pub. After receiving easy-going, yet excellent service, sampling a signature Blackwall Hitch cocktail, and savoring a palate-and-hunger-satiating dinner, the voice in your ear says, “I have found my new favorite place!”

Smashing Grapes

A Global Wine Experience

Nestled in the heart of a vibrant urban landscape, Smashing Grapes is a culinary oasis where the fusion of global flavors and exquisite wines takes center stage. Our restaurant invites guests on a gastronomic journey that transcends borders, offering a diverse menu that celebrates the rich tapestry of world cuisines.  Each dish is meticulously crafted to tantalize the taste buds and ignite the senses. Complementing our culinary delights is an extensive selection of fine wines sourced from renowned vineyards around the globe, curated to perfectly pair with every dish.

The Lodge

There’s nothing quite like enjoying a meal made with locally sourced ingredients while surrounded by the peacefulness of a countryside setting. The simplicity of rustic dining is refreshing, as it focuses on natural flavors and wholesome ingredients. Every bite is bursting with flavor and nutrient rich goodness. Not only does this type of cuisine satisfy our taste buds, it also provides us with a healthier and more sustainable way of eating.

Titan Catering

Titan Catering is the catering arm of the Titan Hospitality Group which has evolved from the collaboration of our properties: Blackwall Barn & Lodge, Blackwall Hitch, and Smashing Grapes.

Our goal is unique, to provide a consistent level of locally sourced, farm-to-table, elevated fare in your home, office, or preferred site, as we do in our restaurants. We use the same ingredients, methods, and recipes that are used in our scratch kitchen.  Our thoughtfully prepared food packages are available to our guests for pick-up, delivery, or full-service!

Whether you are planning for your big wedding day or hosting a party with your closest friends, incredible food and drinks are a must! If you want to wow your guests with the delectable cuisine of your choosing, Titan Catering is here to create an individualized experience you, your friends, and your family will never forget!